The Glasgow Brain Injury Research Group (GBIRG) is based in the Laboratory Medicine building at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.

Led by Prof Willie Stewart, our group is engaged in studies investigating the biology and pathology of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our research describes the range of pathologies that occur in people exposed to varying severities of injury from repetitive mild TBI (e.g. after  a career in football, rugby, or boxing) to single moderate or severe TBI (such as after an assault or car accident). 

Many of our current projects are directed towards understanding the link between TBI and increased risk of dementia, and the characteristics of the pathology  of survival from TBI, known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

For more information on the research our group is involved in, go to the Contact Us section of the website to talk to us directly; scroll down to read about brain donation; or Click here for our latest news!

Register for Brain Donation

In order to continue our research we rely on the donation of brains at post-mortem. We are particularly looking for people to register their wishes to donate their brain who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, such as in a car crash or assault, or who have been exposed to head injuries and head impacts participating in sport, such as rugby or football; we are also looking for people to register even if they have no known history of brain injury as this can be very helpful to understanding normal ageing and how brain injury might influence these processes.

If you would like more information, please see our Register for Brain Donation Page.

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